Luis Armando Sosa Gil was born and raised in Michoacán, Mexico. He studied communication, and focused on directing, narrative in filmmaking, and screenplay development.

Vapeur d’Orange won the best short film prize in two film festivals in France, resulting in being accredited as a professional filmmaker for the 70th Festival de Cannes.

In 2017 he received a Youth Prize for his artistic performance, and recently The Wind and The Kite was selected for the 15th Morelia Film Festival and the Short Film Corner at the 71st Festival de Cannes. In 2018 No desire for Indecency was selected for the LGBT Festivals, such as Mix México and the III Sexual Diversity Program+ Morelia.

His documentary Brave won the 2nd Jury Prize at the 12th International Documentary Film Festival DocsMX, Best Mexican Documentary Short film at the 14th Monterrey Film Festival and the Press Award at the 16th Morelia Film Festival. Now selected for the Short Film Corner at the 72th Festival de Cannes

When the Sun goes down won the 18th National Short Film Project Contest by Regions with the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE). Currently it is in postproduction.

Men of Salt, his new documentary granted by National Geographic and selected for the Plataforma MX from DocsMX, FONCA (Fondo Nacional de las Artes) and IMCINE, will chronicle a fishing community facing social and environmental problems on the coast of Mexico.

Blue Dog will be his first long film (feature) thanks to a grant he received for Young Artists.



  • Director
    Valentón (Brave). Documentay
    Short Film Corner, 72º Festival de Cannes. 2019
    Press Award, 16º Morelia Film Fest. 2018
    Best Mexican Documentary Shortfilm, 14º Monterrey Film Festival. 2018
    2nd Jury Prize, 12º International Documentary Film Festival DocsMx. 2017
    Official Selection. 4º Cecehachero Film Fest (CCH-UNAM). 2019.
    Official Selection, 11º Documentary Film Festival Zanate. 2018
    Official Selection, 13º Shorts Mexico, Mexico International Short Film Festival, 2018
    Sin Deseo de Indecencia (No Desire for Indecency). Shortfilm
    Official Selection, III Sexual Diversity Program + Morelia, 2018
    Official Selection, 13º Shorts Mexico, Mexico International Short Film Festival, 2018
    Official Selection, Mix Mexico: XXII Festival of Sexual Diversity. 2018
    Official Selection, Queer International Film Festival Playa del Carmen. 2018
    El Viento y El Papalote (The Wind and The Kite). Shortfilm
    Short Film Corner, 71º Festival de Cannes. 2018
    Selection Iberoamerican Shortfilm, 10º International Film Festival of Santander. 2018.
    Official Selection, 15º Morelia Film Fest. 2017
    Selection Focus on Mexico. 16º International Festival Signs of the Night, Paris. 2018.
    Vapeur d’Orange (Orange Vapour). Shortfilm
    Best shortfilm, Concours du court-métrage. C.R.O.U.S Lyon, France. 2017
    Best shortfilm, Kinoks Association. Lyon, France. 2017
    El Perro Amarrado (The Dog is tied up). Shortfilm
    Official Selection, 14º Morelia Film Fest. 2016
    San Francisco, Santiago. Documentary
    Made for TECHO-Chile and Habitat III-ONU in Quito, Ecuador. 2016
    Encuentro (Encounter). Documentary
    Exhibition in a Art Gallery, Universidad Iberoamericana. Mexico City. 2015
    Xapontic (Xapontic). Documentary
    Best Social Documentary, Dell Social Innovation Competition. 2012
  • Writer
    Tú, Adentro (You, Inside). Screenplay for shortfilm
    Official Selection, Oaxaca Film Fest. 2016
  • Producer
    Hotel La Loma (Hotel La Loma). Documentary
    Official Selection, Internacional Documentary Festival DocsDF. 2014.



  • Education
    2013  Communication Degree, Universidad Iberoamericana. México.
    2011 Diploma in Narrative and Directing, Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC-UNAM). México.
    2010  Diploma in Screenwriting, Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC-UNAM). México.
  • Grants and Awards
    2019 Selected. Men of Salt. Plataforma MX. DocsMX, FONCA and IMCINE.
    2018 Grantee, Documentary Men of Salt. National Geographic Explorer.
    2018 Recipient. Program Young Creators: writing a longfilm. Perro Azul (Blue Dog). Minestry of Culture in Michoacan, Mexico.
    2018 Recipient. Creative World: North America. Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud (IMJUVE), ProMexico and the Institute for Creative Exchange. Toronto, Canada.
    2018 Winner, Cuando se mete el Sol (When the Sun goes down), 18th National Short Film Project Contest / by regions. Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía.
    2017 Municipal Youth Prize, Artist. Lazaro Cardenas, Mich. Mx.
    2016 Recipient. Program for Artistic Production. El Viento y El Papalote (The Wind and The Kite). Minestry of Culture in Michoacan, Mexico.
    2016 Recipient. International mobility. Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud, AIESEC y TECHO-Chile. Santiago, Chile.
    2015  Schoolarship for Art Education. Ministry of Culture in Michoacán, Mexico.
    2013 Honorary Mention in Communication, Universidad Iberoamericana. Mexico.
    2012 Two Short-term Fellowships (Screewriting and Directing actors workshops). Guanajuato International Film Festival. Mexico.
    2008-12  Academic Excellence Schoolarship. Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico.
  • Published: Film Critics
    2017 12º International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City. Mexico.
    2017 Passa Parola Magazine. Italy.
    2016 11º International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City. Mexico.
    2015  Melí Meló Cultura. Mexico City, Mexico.
    2013  Film Review for Mantarraya Films. Film Distribuitor.