Where The Lights Go?


Where The Lights Go? by Eve and The Travelers

The question is Where the lights go?

The answers is on Eve and The Travelers‘ hands, or I’d better say IN their new album.

Eve and The Travelers is a french band launching their second studio album.
We met, or I should say: I met them OR! I discovered them by chance when being and living in France with my love (<3 *make a sad face* hahaha) he invited me for a relaxing night out that I did accepted because we were supposed to have the best time of our lives and I would look at his eyes deeply every morning. We drank like 2 beers or so and I touched his leg and held his hand too, I am pretty sure that I kissed him too, but this is not what the post is about.

Eh eh eh! Just let me point to another thing:
I will never forget that when they -Eve and The Travelers- were playing You, a tear run down along my cheek. This experience inspired me to rewrite my shortfilm Tú, Adentro. He noticed it but did not say anything but later on as an missing comment.

This is the song that made me cry.

Cry with me, please!

They -Eve and The Travelers- had been announcing the release of their new work for weeks and it has happened today and now their new songs and their new universe are out -came out  last week- and I am listening to it. And I was like you possibly could be, wondering where to go to for so.

If you are looking forward to listening to Where the Lights go?, here you have some links:

Their Bandcamp site.

> Deezer :http://www.deezer.com/album/12844452
>> Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/5hS0hU4iwwx0eU86n1WXTB
>> iTunes et Apple Music : https://itunes.apple.com/…/where-the-lights-g…/id1102394754…

Additionaly, I am sharing with you all their old music and old videos from their Landscapes EP  -which are not really old but moving and touching and which could be also the soundtrack of someone’s trip or could be definetely part of a roadmovie-.

Hopping you love them as I do, I let some youtube videos of their songs.
But before, I really recommend You, Life

Their Video Official of Travelers




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