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You’re usually pretty good at gauging the mood of the person you’re keeping company with, especially if you’re interested in more than just a friendship. At the moment, though, you’re not quite sure which of your usual tactics to employ. Obviously, there’s only one thing to do: Engage them in one of those casual conversations masked as a skillful interview, and within a matter of moments, you’ll know exactly how to proceed.

You’d rather go without than have a loved one in need of something. You’ll find a way to make a wish happen for someone in a legitimately bad spot.

By following the rules and keeping yourself honest, you have become an inspiration to someone you see on a daily basis. They may or may not even be known to you, but nevertheless they are influenced by your presence. In fact, you have more of an impact on the world around you than you give yourself credit for — and you should see this gift as a responsibility. When temptation strikes today, be strong and walk past it without giving it another thought. You’re too good for it.

Pride is something Gemini are very stubborn with, they will pretend to be happy or ignore anyone, whatever it takes to protect their pride

Gemini are neither leaders or followers, they’d much rather do their own thing

Gemini are happy without too much order in their lives, they like when things spontaneously happen

Gemini are really good at pretending that they do not care even when they do, making people around question if they’ve ever even cared

Gemini can do superficial just as well as they can do deep

Emotionally speaking, you could feel blurry, like you don’t quite get your feelings.

Don’t compromise your ideals for anyone, even if they have influenced you before.

Almost every Gemini has a problem with identity, because they’re adaptable and changeable they’re often confused about who they truly are

Gemini find it difficult to stick to one thing, they tend to lose interest very quickly if something more exciting comes along

When it comes to Gemini’s, moodier or more complex people would be hard to find

Don’t mistake a Gemini’s childlike behaviour and bubbly style of expression for simplicity.

Gemini are deep and curious thinkers, they always have a thousand burning questions to be answered

>>Gemini enjoy testing their own limits more than anyone else’s

>> Some mistake #Gemini for being emotionless, when in reality Gemini are very emotional but often lack the skill of emotional communication

>We must be hurt in order to grow, fail in order to know, lose in order to gain, because some lessons in life are best learned through pain.

Feo, tienes que ser buena gente. Gordo, tienes que ser feliz. Chaparro, tienes que ser humilde. Tonto, tienes que estar calladito. Punto.

>It isn’t rare if each person in a Gemini’s life knew them differently, they are different people around different people.

>Half of a Gemini is an impulsive, hopeless romantic and the other half is very realistic and logical.

>It isn’t rare if each person in a Gemini’s life knew them differently, they are different people around different people. Adaptable.

>>>Gemini can easily fall into the habit of shutting everyone and everything out and being cold, when they are hurt or going through something

> Love and emotions are like a foreign language that #Gemini are fascinated by but often struggle to learn

>Gemini are not so good at taking advice, they usually have that “I’ve got to know/see for myself” attitude

>Although they love to love & be loved, #Gemini are very protective of their hearts, they often have the attitude of “better safe than sorry”

>With a Gemini, if communication is lost interest is lost along with it

>Gemini have a bad habit of falling for people who are wrong for them

>As a Gemini, you tend to judge people by the way they treat you

>Common sense comes naturally to a #Gemini, but remember that it is not a flower that grows in everyones garden.

>Gemini are often torn between the life they want to have and the life they are leading

>>>Gemini are free birds. They don’t like being pinned down by other people’s expectations for them, or having to obey the rules.

>>>A Gemini’s memory is tricky, they either forget something right away or they remember it forever

>>>Because they’re so adaptable and changeable, Gemini tend to not have a fixed personality which is confusing for them and those around them.

>>>Gemini like to observe before they pass any judgements

>>>Gemini tend to feel emotions more intensely than others, this is why they are scared of dealing with emotions and losing control over them

>>>Gemini don’t mind making mistakes and learning their own lessons from them, as long as they do it their way

>>>Gemini can’t and won’t deal with liars. Gemini are some of few signs who are actually interested in getting to know people and hearing out their inner thoughts.

>>>Gemini are heart melting romantics when they’re in love, they will do everything in their power to see the person they love smile

>>>Gemini never forget a person who was kind to them in anyway, even if it was just once, they have a very grateful spirit

>Gemini are constantly changing and adapting, as soon as you think you’ve figured them out, they change again.

>Gemini don’t trust their heart as much as they trust their mind

When Gemini get hurt they tend to pick themselves up, tell themselves not to show others that they’re hurt and to keep their head up

People often know of Gemini but don’t know much about them, and that is because Gemini like to keep personal things to themselves

No moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality. Just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean.

Constant mental contemplations. The Gemini mind and way of thinking is often described as a Labyrinth

>The Gemini mind and way of thinking is often described as a Labyrinth

>Gemini often get lost in the mist of all their personalities & thoughts and that is why it is harder for them to figure out their true self

If Gemini don’t like someone it’s always for a reason, they are not haters and their intuition is almost always right

Gemini are very observant, you won’t get away with anything you say or do around.

Gemini: Always on the move, but tend to have a great deal of nervous energy.

>The changeable Gemini experiences many different personas in a day, each responding to the world with their own values, mannerisms and mood

>Gemini like to analyze, but since they can see both sides of an issue, they have great difficulty making decisions.

>>>Geminis are naturally honest but may avoid telling the truth as a defense against being misunderstood.

Everyone has one life and they live it in a certain way, except Gemini, they live their lives in a lot of different ways

Gemini often use flirting as a form of communication, they sometimes are not even aware that they are flirting, it comes naturally to them

Gemini are very intelligent and logical except when they’re in love, they tend to lose their logical thinking and make irrational decisions.

>>>A Gemini’s intuition is almost always right

>>>To have a skeptical mind and a sentimental heart, is the curse and beauty of being a Gemini.



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